Together we can pioneer a Lead free future.

The EquiFlow Lead-Free Program is an innovative partnership between the City of Wausau and Community Infrastructure Partners (CIP) to ensure Wausau residents have access to safe, lead-free drinking water by replacing up to 8,000 lead service lines by 2028.

Using the CBP3 delivery model established by the EPA, the EquiFlow Lead-Free program is focused on replacing lead services lines quickly and effectively while creating socioeconomic and community benefits, including maximizing local, small, and minority-business utilization.

When present, a lead service line can be the largest contributor of lead in drinking water. Unfortunately, replacing a lead service line can be very costly for homeowners! With the EquiFlow Lead-Free Program, homeowners pay nothing to have their line’s material inspected and replaced if it’s made of lead.

What to expect

The EquiFlow Lead-Free Program’s Five Step Replacement Process

Service Line Inspection

An EquiFlow Lead-Free Program specialist will visit your home to inspect the material of your service line. If it contains lead or galvanized material, we will schedule a date and time to replace your service line.

Replacement Day

A licensed plumber will replace your lead service line. During this time, we will need to turn off your water. You will receive an estimate of how long this will take before any work begins. We provide a supply of bottled water for use during this time. We strive to minimize the disruption for you and residents ofyour home.

After Replacement

We will restore any areas on your property impacted by the replacement activities. We will also provide you with filters to use following replacement and instructions on how to flush your pipes for the next 30 days. You will want to use the water pitcher or faucet mount filter provided by the EquiFlow Lead-FreeProgram until your lead levels are below 2.01 ppb.

Water Re-Testing

Testing is critical to ensure a reduction in lead levels following replacement activities. An EquiFlow Lead-Free Program specialist may visit your home following replacement to test the water and confirm lead levels have successfully been reduced. You will also receive two free lead-in-water test kits following replacement.

Congratulations - All done!

Your EquiFlow Lead-Free Program journey is complete. Congratulations on creating a healthier environment for you and your home!