Together we can pioneer a Lead free future.

The EquiFlow Lead-Free Program is an innovative partnership between the City of Wausau and Community Infrastructure Partners (CIP) to ensure Wausau residents have access to safe, lead-free drinking water by replacing up to 8,000 lead service lines by 2028.

Using the CBP3 delivery model established by the EPA, the EquiFlow Lead-Free program is focused on replacing lead services lines quickly and effectively while creating socioeconomic and community benefits, including maximizing local, small, and minority-business utilization.

When present, a lead service line can be the largest contributor of lead in drinking water. Unfortunately, replacing a lead service line can be very costly for homeowners! With the EquiFlow Lead-Free Program, homeowners pay nothing to have their line’s material inspected and replaced if it’s made of lead.

  • 1FREE to homehowner
  • 2Efficient replacement time
  • 3Access to safe, lead-free drinking water

Click the “schedule verification” link above to schedule your brief service line verification or contact us to learn more about the program.


What is a lead service line?


Why should I be concerned about lead service lines?


How can lead get into my drinking water?


Why does the water service line at my location contain lead?


If I have a lead service line, how can I reduce my exposure to lead?


Why should I participate in the EquiFlow Lead-Free Program?


"I've seen the positive impact through Eco's community projects. They are dedicated to empower local communities, and the solar installation in our neighborhood park is a shining example of their commitment."

"Wausau has a once in a generation opportunity to capitalize on federal funds get rid of the remaining lead service lines in our community. It's a BIG idea and BIG project but with our federal, state, foundation, and community partners, I know we can get it done.

Many thanks to Vice President Harris for hosting the Lead Pipe Summit in January that introduced me to passionate partners and to Governor Evers for signing onto the Lead Removal Acceleration Project and opening up resources. But most of all, thanks to Community Infrastructure Partners for hitting the ground running with us."

"Being a first mover in this transformative approach demonstrates Wausau's commitment to the health and well-being of its residents, as well as its dedication to addressing one of the most critical water infrastructure challenges we face as a country."